TMB Forestry Division

Our forestry division was founded in 1972 when The Timbermen, Inc. was founded as a timber procurement company for area sawmills and paper mills. It was founded by James R. Hicks, Sr. 

Currently, the forestry division is a fll service forestry organization that offers any service imaginable when it comes to forest resources. It is managed and operated by a registered forester with a staff that has the capabilities to perform any task when Forest Resources are concerned. This iw hy you will continue to see The Timbermen, Inc. as one of the top Forest Resource companies in the Southeastern United States.

We offer a full range of services that are provided to landowners, timber harvesters, companies, organizations, partnerships, etc. If you or your bisniess is involved with land, timber, or wildlife, we are here to help. From the establishment of a forest to the finished product, we are here to maintain the health of the land. Our future as a company relies completely on the sustainability of your renewable forests and you will find no better management for a sustainable future.