Camak, GA

At the Camak Plant, the company runs one of the largest pallet manufacturing operations in Georgia. The pallet plant specializes in heat-treated, kiln dried, and mold-resistant pallets. The Timbermen also produce pallets for a wide variety of industries, including the food service, automotive, paper, and building products industries.  

The Camak Plant strives to make buying pallets easier for the customer. Using the Viking 505 Turbo nailing machine makes it easier for the pallet plant to customize many different types of pallets. For greater convenience and on-time shipping, the Camak warehouse is equipped to hold inventory for customers. In addition, the installation of large ceiling fans has expedited the pallet-drying process and reduces the chance of mold formation. The Timbermen’s advantage lies in our ability to accommodate custom pallets under many different specifications as quickly and reliably as possible. 

Most of the wood used by the pallet plant is manufactured at the Warrenton Sawmill, a short 4 miles away. This allows for short lead time and greater materials availability. The sawmill also uses state of the art technology and optimized sawing to maximize the yield per log processed. Since all byproducts are utilized in some fashion, The Timbermen has very minimized waste.