Mold Prevention and Treatment

Ways The Timbermen Fights Mold

1. Facility Design – 

  • Our warehouse is cleaned regularly and houses pallets in order to protect them from the elements.
  • Our pallets are air dried by 3 large circulating fans to further deter mold growth. 

2. Additional Mold Prevention Methods

  • Kiln Drying – Kiln drying pallets can reduce the surface moisture percentage at a much faster rate than air drying and is preferable by some customers. Kiln drying, however, can be more expensive than the alternatives. 

What Can the Customer Do To Help?

1. Keep facilities clean and clear of waste materials.

2. Provide a favorable shipping and storing environment.

  • Avoid leaving pallets in an enclosed space for an extended amount of time. 

  • Place pallets in a location in which air circulation can occur or provide air circulation with the use of fans.